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EHS Seminar NEW!

Fri., June 5, 2015  International Seminar Room in East Hall 6  FREE

Fri., June 5

EHS Seminar
  • An Examination of the Prospective Benefits of Manufacturing Electronic Assemblies Without Solder

    Mr. Joseph Fjelstad

    Verdant Electronics


    Joseph Fjelstad, founder and CEO of Verdant Electronicss is a 45 year veteran of the electronics interconnection industry. He has authored or coauthored several books on the topic including Flexible Circuit Technology, globally the most widely read book on the subject matte and Chip Scale Packaging for Microelectronics. Mr Fjelstad is also a prolific inventor with more than 175 US patents issued in his name and with many of the ideas disclosed in those patents now in wide use around the globe in electronic products of every type. His present company, Verdant Electronics, is focused on and is championing the idea of eliminating solder from the electronics manufacturing paradigm by, in essence, reversing the manufacturing process to make products that will be at once more economical, more environmentally friendly and more reliable though the elimination of what is recognized as the number one cause of electronics failure, the venerable but technically and physically limited solder joint.

    Solder has been the primary method for interconnecting electronic assemblies for well over half a century. While solder has served its intended purpose in a suitable manner over the decades, solder joints are known to be the primary sites of electronic system failures. This presentation will explore and examine prospective methods for making electronic assemblies without the use of solder under a new paradigm called SAFE (Solder Alloy Free Electronics) manufacturing. The methods hold promise of reducing manufacturing complexity and cost while increasing overall reliability. The resulting structures can also be made smaller, lighter and more environmentally friendly than those produced by traditional method. Examples of methods and technologies as well as the results of an experimental exercise wherein a circuit assembly designed using current best practices is compared to a circuit assembly which has been designed to be built without solder, using strict design guidelines will be presented.

EHS Seminar/UL Forum
  • UL's newservices for PWB

    Mr. Irving Lee

    Global Program Manager, Consumer Technology
    UL AG, Taiwan Branch


    Irving Lee joined UL in 2014 as a Global Program Manager for Printed Circuit Technologies.
    Member of TPCA Market Information Committee and PCB Industrial White Paper council

    Experience ;
    1989~1993 Process Eng. & QA supervisor in Boardtek Electronics Taiwan
    1993~1998 Head of DEC Asia Pacific PWB qualification Office/Lab in Taiwan
    1998~2014 Sr. Manager in Inventec Taiwan (The Biggest Server ODM company)

  • Latest situation of UL 746/796 standards

    Ms. Crystal Vanderpan

    Principal Engineer
    PV Materials and Printed Circuit Technologies
    Product Safety
    UL LLC


    Crystal Vanderpan joined UL in 1995, and is the Principal Engineer for Printed Circuit Technologies and PV Materials.
    She is UL's Technical Representative in developing Standards for PWBs and PV Materials. She is the vice-chair for IPC D12a UL Flex PWB task group.
    Crystal has given many presentations and written several white papers regarding PWB testing.

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