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How to Apply

Exhibition fees

Exhibition fees 1 booth / 9m² *including tax
Non-Members Yen 442,800
Members *1 Yen 378,000
Other exhibition related expenses
Corner charge (per corner) *2 Yen 16,200

*1 Members of the WECC associations (CPCA, EIPC, ELCINA, HKPCA, IPC, IPCA, KPCA and TPCA.)

*2 Based on the availability, corner booth is reserved.
  ・In-line type: 2 sides open plan
  ・Block type: 3 sides open plan

Booth type

*Based on availability

Assignment of Booth Location

Booth locations will be determined by the organizers based on factors such as the number of exhibition booths, past participation, and membership, and will be announced at the Exhibitors’ Briefing.

How to apply

Please fill out the Application Form in consideration with the following:

  • − Carefully read the "Exhibition Regulations"
  • − Select the exhibition based on your product

The Secretariat Office will send the invoice. Based on the invoice, please make the payment by the due date.


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Cancellation charges

If an exhibit is cancelled due to the circumstances of the exhibitor, cancellation charges (full or partial fees) shall apply as below.

Date of receipt of written notice of cancellation Cancellation charges
By Friday, February 1, 2019 50% of booth fees
From Saturday, February 2, 2019 onward 100% of booth fees

Information on the standard package booth for exhibitors

Package booth

We are offering cost-effective package booths including basic furnishings and ornamentation as a set.

1 booth / 1 side open plan
Yen 81,000 (including tax)
1 booth / 1 side open plan
2 booths / 1 side open plan
Yen 127,440 (including tax)
2 booths / 1 side open plan
Set item 1 booth 2 booths
Parapets 1 Set 1 Set
Carpet 9m² 18m²
Company name display 1 Set 1 Set
Lighting 40W 1 light 2 lights
100W spotlights 2 lights 4 lights
Power outlet 100V 1 1
Electrical wiring 1.3Kw 1.6Kw
Reception set 1 Set 1 Set
Display stands 2 stands 4 stands
Catalog stand 1 Set 1 Set

The above prices are fees for furnishing and ornamentation only.
Specifications and prices are subject to change. For the details, please refer to the Exhibitors Manual available at the Exhibitors’ Briefing in February, 2019.