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Features of Exhibits

A Specialized Exhibition Bringing Together the Latest, Cutting Edge Electronic Circuit Technologies

The core exhibition visitors are highly goal-oriented engineers and technicians,
designers and developers, production supervisors, buyers and managers.

Everyone in the electronic circuit industry will participate in this event.

The most important feature of this exhibition is that it is a tailor-made event in which every single member can participate. In order to contribute to the development of the electronic circuits industry, which supports the global electronic industry, the industry will come together to proudly present superior Japanese electronic circuit technology to the world. To help users from within and outside Japan can personally compare and contrast the various available options and choose the one that best fits their bill, we will bring together the best efforts of all the employees of each JPCA member company to provide services from reception and management of events, to catering to all our visitors.

It is a comprehensive exhibition encompassing all products, technologies and services in electronic circuit production, development and research.

The JPCA Show/ Large Electronics Show/ Microelectronics Show/ JISSO PROTEC Show exhibitions form an important electronic circuit and electronic packaging industry event, in which a large number of companies participate and exhibit circuit manufacturing processes and electronics packaging technologies in areas ranging from materials procurement to finished electronic devices and distribution. The event is held at Tokyo Big Sight’s East Hall. This event is widely known not just in Japan but also abroad as a must-attend exhibition for finding solutions to various problems and issues related to the electronic circuits industry.

Users and buyers from Japan and overseas will attend the exhibition with the aim of purchasing new products and adopting new technologies.

A wide variety of users from the electronic circuit manufacturing and designing/EMS industry, semiconductor/electronic part manufacturers, and traders/distributors from the electronic and electrical devices, cars and car parts, medical equipment and aerospace equipment manufacturing industries visit the JPCA Show/ Large Electronics Show/ Microelectronics Show/ JISSO PROTEC Show event. It, therefore, offers a rare opportunity to directly establish contacts with new users in all areas in addition to one’s existing client base.

The exhibition will make a significant contribution to raising the profile, name recognition and credibility of your company (product or technology) within the industry.

The JPCA Show/ Large Electronics Show/ Microelectronics Show/ JISSO PROTEC Show, which is one of the worldユs largest electronic circuit industry event, attracts a great deal of attention from industry as well as press circles, which means that those who exhibit at this show can spread awareness regarding their company (and its products) far and wide. The show also offers a wonderful opportunity for PR aimed at users.

The exhibition will also function as a highly effective venue for the launch and marketing of new products and technologies.

The JPCA Show/ Large Electronics Show/ Microelectronics Show/ JISSO PROTEC Show, which is held in June every year, offers a perfect opportunity for companies to plan a timely and effective launch of their new products and technologies to the market. It also offers an equally good opportunity for companies to collect information and grasp user trends with a view to developing new products and technologies (we plan to apply for patent office designated exhibitions, so products and technologies that have not yet applied for industrial property rights can also be exhibited).

As a comprehensive, specialized electronic circuit and packaging exhibition, the event will offer the perfect venue for exhibitors to form partnerships, conduct business and exchange information.

The JPCA Show/ Large Electronics Show/ Microelectronics Show/ JISSO PROTEC Show, an event that brings together industry leaders in products and technologies related to electronic circuits and packaging, offers opportunities not just for business dealings with users, but also for lively business transactions between exhibitors themselves (including technological tie-ups, joint development, alliances, sales and distribution partnerships and so on). It also offers increased opportunities for companies to expand their business avenues, and develop new businesses.

The Seminar Program Covers Diverse Technology and Development Trends, Education and Application Themes

More than 200 programs attract an audience of approximately 10,000.

Monotsukuri Fiesta
<Keynote Presentations, Semiconductor of the Year Awards, Electronics Products Analysing “BUNKAI” Special Exhibit >

Presentations on the outlook for technology and the industry and next-generation research by key personnel from industry leading corporations and next-generation companies

The 1st Printed Electronics Convention PEC JAPAN 2012

The latest technology trends in printed electronics, the focus of global attention will be explained in detail by industry experts.

Advanced Electronics Packaging (JISSO) Technology Symposium

Sponsored by the Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP), this is an in-depth packaging technology symposium with interaction between audience and presenters.
※Free invitations will be distributed to exhibitors in a perfect opportunity to attract attendance

China/Taiwan/South Korea Industry, Conference and Pavilion Exhibit

Each organization will provide the best new information for following overseas market trends and market development.

Exhibitor Product and Technology Seminars (NPI Presentation Program/PROTEC Seminar Program)

Exhibitors will offer information and communication seminars to visitors free of charge.

Academic Plaza Program

The event, which runs in conjunction with 2012 Microelectronics Show, strengthens industry-academia collaboration between universities and research organizations.

Special Exhibits/Open Seminars

These are open events within the venue which all visitors may visit/attend free of charge,

In addition, the exhibition offers visitors a number of diverse jointly sponsored programs in which they may participate.


More than 200 programs