• 2012/05/07

    Information of HOTEL was open.

  • 2012/02/10

    Official site of a English version was opened to the public.

  • 2011/11/16

    Exhibition Available

Exhibitors update Information

【50th anniversary of JPCA】 【14th anniversary of JIEP inauguration out of merger】 【40th anniversary of JARA】 Anniversary project Search Common for a name to mark anniversary year of 4 exhibitions

To mark the watershed year in which JPCA has its 50th anniversary, JIEP sees the 14th year since its reestablishment after a merger, and JARA
welcomes its 40th anniversary, we are asking all the visitors to the 2011 show to submit entries for a single, common name that will embrace the four exhibitions JPCA Show, Large Electronics Show, co-sponsored by The Semiconductor Industry New, Microelectronics Show, sponsored by JIEP, and JISSO PROTEC, sponsored by JARA, with the hope that the exhibitions will gain the affections of visitors and exhibitors in this watershed year as well as for the next fifty years. The results will be announced at the 2012 exhibition.

※Please see the e-mail magazine JPCA Mail for how to enter.