2011 Shows Outline

An Overview of the Joint Organization Plan for the 'JPCA Show 2011 / Large Electronics Show 2011 / 2011 Microelectronics Show / JISSO PROTEC 2011 / Monotsukuri Fiesta2011'

In 2010, one of the sponsors of this event, the Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association (JPCA), formulated a“ Vision for the Future of the Electronic Circuit Industry.” The vision suggests that it is vital for us in the electronic circuit industry to shed our passive attitude, and become, instead, true providers of functionality, supplying the solutions our customers demand in a more proactive way, while contributing to further development of the global electronics industry. In terms of technology, we must aim to develop applications that realize the mantra of smaller, lighter, and thinner while incorporating high performance features such as high capacity transmission, and at the same time taking environmental preservation and energy conservation into account. We must develop specific solutions to achieve smaller, lighter, and more efficient devices for use in technologies such as solar power generation, electric cars, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and fuel cells. Some of these technological attempts have already begun to bear fruit and find markets.

In 2011, we hope, through our exhibitions, to increase appreciation of the above ideas among application developers both within Japan and abroad, and thereby contribute to creating an environment that will facilitate the actual incorporation of these technologies into devices and hardware components. In concrete terms, we will organize exhibitions along thematic lines such as“ printed wiring board technologies,”“ semiconductor packaging/device embedded technologies,”“ equipment and semiconductor consignment production systems,”“ printed electronics technologies,“ electronic components, MEMS or device process technologies,”“ new lighting application technologies,”“ leading-edge packaging technologies,”“ jisso process technologies” and so on. This theme-based segmentation will make it easy for application developers and other visitors seeking functional solutions in areas such as thermal management, high-speed/high-frequency resistance, power management, application driver control in different kinds of complex environments and so on to find what they are looking for. In this way, we hope to reform the exhibition into a“ solution engineering show” cum“ entertainment event” made possible by the joint effort of the entire industry, and in which all those belonging to the industry can participate.

We eagerly look forward to your active participation in the joint“JPCA Show 2011Large Electronics Show 20112011 Microelectronics ShowJISSO PROTEC 2011“be it as exhibitor or as visitor.

- 41st International Electronic Circuits Exhibition

Sponsored by
Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association (JPCA)
Special cooperation from
Taiwan External Trade Development Council and EMSOne

Cosponsored by
Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association (JPCA) and The Semiconductor Industry News (Sangyo Times, Inc.)
Special cooperation from
Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association(TEEMA)
Sponsored by
Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP)
- 13th Jisso Process Technology Exhibition
Sponsored by
Japan Robot Association (JARA)
Electronic circuits and packaging technology are used in all electronic and information and communication devices as well as control equipment, and large electronics (printed electronics) have great potential for widespread use even in the future. We hope to contribute to the overall development of the electronic circuit and related industries by putting up a show that offers technical information and proposes solutions in areas ranging from design, manufacture and distribution of products, to increasing product reliability.
Exhibition Period
June 1, 2011 (Wed) to June 3, 2011 (Fri), 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
East Exhibition Hall and Conference Tower, Tokyo Big Sight
Overseas cooperation
World Electronic Circuits Council(WECC)Member Associations:
China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA), European Institute of Printed Circuits (EIPC), Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association (HKPCA), Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC), Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA), Korean Printed Circuit Association (KPCA), Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA).
Japan Association of Rapid prototyping Industry, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers, Institute for Sensing via Image Information, The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan, Camera & Imaging Products Association, Japan Thermosetting Plastics Industry Association, Technology Institution of Industrial Safety, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, The Photo-Sensitized Materials Manufacturers' Association, Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association, Information Processing Society of Japan, National small business Information promotion Center, Federation of Electro Plating Industry Association, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan T-Engine Forum, Japan Electrical Safety&Environment Technology Laboratories, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Japan Electrical Insulating and Advanced Performance Materials Industrial Association, The Institute of Electrical Installation Engineers of Japan, Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, The Institute of Electronics,Information and Communication Engineers, Battery Association of Japan, Copperfoil Industries Association, Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association, Japan Association of Medical Equipment Industries, Japan Medical-Optical Equipment Industrial Association, Japan Medical Devices Manufacturers Association, The Japan Federation of Printing Industries, Japan Audio Society, Acoustical Society of Japan, Japan Surfactant Industry Association, Japan Chemical Industry Association, Japan Fire Alarms Manufacturers' Association, Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems, Japan Die and Mold Industry Association, The Japan Machinery Federation, Japan Recording-Media Industries Association, Japan Metal Heat Treatment Association, Japan Measuring Instruments Federation, Japan Inspection Instruments Manufacturers' Association, Japan Optical Measuring Instruments Manufacturers’ Association, The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers, Japan Testing Machinery Association, Japan Automobile Research Institute, Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association, Japan Luminaires Association, The Vacuum Society of Japan, Japan Vacuum Industry Association, Japan Precision Measuring Instruments Manufacturers Association, Japan Adhesive Industry Association, The Ceramic Society of Japan, Japan Electric Association, Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers' Association, The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association, Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association, Japan Electric Lamp Manufacturers Association, Reliability Center for Electronic Components of Japan, The Japanese Electric Wire & Cable Makers' Association, Japan Electrical Wiring Devices and Equipment Industries Association, Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan, Japan Plating Suppliers Association, Japan Quality Assurance Organization, Japan Fine Ceramics Association, The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers’ Association, The Japan Bearing Industrial Association, Japan Game-Associated Enterprise Corporation, Japan Solvent Recycling Industry Association, The Japan Welding Engineering Society, Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association, Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association, The Surface Finishing Society of Japan, Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Micromachine Center (tentative)
Media Partners
IPROS, INCOM, The Chemical Daily, Gicho Business Communications, DM Card Japan, Electronic Journal, Dempa Publications, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (Business & Technology Daily News), Nikkei Business Publications, Nikkei, Fuji Sankei Business i, Printed Circuit Journal, CircuiTree (U.S.A.), Digitimes (Taiwan), Electronique International (France), Emerald Group Publishing (U.K.), PC FAB (U.S.A.), Printed Circuit News (U.K.)(tentative)
Managed by
Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association (JPCA)
Entrance Fee
JPY1,000 (inclusive of taxes) * Entrance is free for those with invitation cards and those who have applied beforehand through the Internet.